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Frequently Asked Questions

Event Services

Can you recommend any local vendors?

We would be happy to provide a list of Trusted Vendors upon request.

Does Pomona provide a stage, additional lighting, a microphone, or A/V equipment?

Pomona does not provide or offer any staging, music, or A/V equipment. Up-lighting is available for an extra fee. 


Is a coordinator included in the Venue rental fee?

A Venue Coordinator will be present on the day of your wedding to ensure all venue-related matters are attended to, including lighting, temperature control, and direction of guests. Wedding ceremony coordination services are included in the Ceremony Fee.  


May we bring in an outside caterer? 

With the exception of cake/baked goods, we cannot allow outside food and beverages to be brought in. 


Can we bring in our own alcohol? 

Due to liability and service standards, we do not allow a client to provide their own alcohol. Wet bar fridges include alcohol as part of your package. Outside alcohol is not permitted in the Suite, Loft, or elsewhere on the premises.


Do the bar packages include non-alcoholic drinks? 

Yes. Bar packages include soft drinks and other non-alcoholic bar standards (club soda, tonic, juice). 


Do the bar packages include any craft beverages from Blue Barn Cidery?

Yes. Bar packages include hard cider and craft beer from Blue Barn Cidery. 


Do I have a chance to taste the food from my caterer?

Yes. Your caterer will schedule a tasting at the beginning of your wedding year and you will receive an invitation to attend.


What is the timing for my wedding?

Access to the venue begins at 10:00 AM. Guest and vendor depart by midnight.


Can I arrive earlier than 10:00 AM?

You have the option to purchase early arrival at $200 per hour. The earliest arrival time is 8:00 AM. The doors to Pomona are unlocked no earlier than your designated arrival time. 


If my wedding begins at 4:00 PM, can my guests begin arriving at 3:30 PM?

Your guests are welcome to arrive as early as you would like and can visit the grounds, or the Cidery (during business hours). Guests are discouraged from entering the venue until the ceremony ends.


Do you allow decorations? 

Yes. We welcome decorations, such as flowers, candles, and up-lighting. We do not allow anything to be applied or adhered to the walls or building that may cause damage. Candles must be LED or comply with restrictions to prevent damage to our surfaces and linens. Confetti, glitter, smoke fog, powder cannons, party poppers, and other projectiles are strictly prohibited. All decor is brought in and taken out on the wedding day. 

If I have an on-site ceremony, when is my rehearsal?

All ceremony rehearsals take place on the Thursday before the wedding.

When do I have access to The Loft/The Suite?

Venue access begins at 10:00 AM and ends at Midnight. Early access (as early as 8:00 AM) can be reserved for a fee of $200 for each additional hour.


What type of music is permitted? 

Pomona can accommodate both DJ services and live bands. Amplified music is restricted to the inside spaces; however, outdoor ceremonies may have speaker systems for voice and appropriate music accompaniments. Amplified music is prohibited past 10:30 PM per the Town noise ordinance. 


What if my wedding goes past my reservation? 

All weddings are to end at the specified reservation time. Overtime fees are billed at $500/hour. 


Can we leave cars overnight? 

Yes. The gate to the property will be unlocked by 10:00 AM the following day.

Do you have any guidelines concerning departures?

We happily permit 20” or 36” sparklers. To ensure the safety of guests, the Venue, and the orchards, we do not permit other sizes of sparklers, Chinese lanterns, or fireworks. The venue can deny sparkler use in dry or drought-like conditions.


Can I bring my dog? 

Yes. Dogs are permitted during the ceremony and cocktail hour only. Dogs are not permitted to enter Pomona and must remain outside. Dogs must have a handler with them at all times and all waste must be picked up and properly disposed of. 

Is smoking allowed?

Pomona is a non-smoking venue. Smoking/vaping is prohibited inside or within 50 feet of the venue, including on the Terrace. Clients shall inform guests of designated smoking areas.

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